Ensuring that Families and EFEs Thrive in an Era of Unprecedented Change

Facilitated by Vaughan Scott, College of Business, University of Louisville

As the future unfolds, we continue to see some of the most dramatic changes in human history—social, technological, and economic—but we are also bearing witness to some unprecedented opportunities. Ensuring that EFEs (Entrepreneurial Family Enterprises) thrive in this environment involves the careful balancing of Eight Essential Elements, while the rate of change continues to accelerate all around us.

By leading families, and the leadership teams within their enterprises, through a few simple exercises that you will learn during this interactive session, you can begin to help “Future Proof” the families that you serve, and the enterprises that they own, while simultaneously engaging as many collective and individual voices as possible. All this while ensuring that both families and enterprises can better to navigate this VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).

Venue: Grand Hyatt Melbourne
Date: 2nd September 2019
Time: 9.00am - 12.15pm 

Key takeaways:


  • A fresh perspective on why things really are so different today and how we can better serve our clients as the rate of change continues to accelerate around them.

  • Tools that will allow you to help clients better identify and document the Ecosystems of Relationships that will continue to be critical to them into the future.

  • Working knowledge of a framework that helps clients to address even their biggest challenge more efficiently and effectively.