Conference Day Two - 4th September

The Keys to Successful Generational Change

Brown Family Wine Group and Haymes Paint facilitated by FBA's National Platinum Partner, KPMG Enterprise


Planning for generational change in your family business is one of the most challenging experiences facing any leader – especially an entrepreneurial business person who has built a family business from scratch. So, it’s crucial to get it right.


A well-articulated and documented plan for the succession of not only the management, but also the control and eventually ownership, of the business, can be the first step in maintaining the strength of an enterprise and the family’s prosperity for generations to come.

But, what are some of the other things you should be considering to future proof the family, and the business?


In this session KPMG Enterprise are delighted to be joined by members from Brown Family Wine Group and Haymes to share insights, experiences, processes and frameworks to help your family business navigate a successful transition journey.


How One Family Took Their Business From a Goods Shed to the World

Brian White, Chairman, Ray White Real Estate


Ray White Group was founded in 1902 and to this day remains entirely family owned and led. It is the largest real estate franchise group in Australasia, with more than 1,000 offices across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Dubai, India and China. Employing more than 10,000 people, the company last year turned over $35 billion in property sales alone.

The beginnings of the company were as humble as one could imagine, located in a goods shed on a railway siding without road access in a tiny town of Crows Nest, north of Toowoomba. Ray was resourceful and sought any means to bring value and services to his community. With a confidence that seems extraordinary in hindsight, Ray decided to close his office in Crows Nest to move his family and open an office in Brisbane.


In 1962, Brian White, grandson of Ray, joined the business, taking over as Managing Director in 1974. His brother, Paul joined the business and together they decided to move beyond the Queensland boarder and transform a strong provincial business into a national broad based real estate group, leading to success across residential, commercial, advisory services, rural and livestock, hotels, marine and insurance. The family’s Loan Market is now the largest non-bank owned mortgage broker in Australia.


With fourth generation family members holding key leadership roles within the business, Brian believes it is they who will realise the strongest fulfilment of the company’s ambitions.


A proud custodian of his grandfather’s legacy, Brian joins us to share the story of Ray White.


The De Dietrich Legend


Gaetan de Dietrich and Catherine de Dietrich


Earth. Air. Fire. Water.


It's the fine union of nature’s elements that brought about the birth of the De Dietrich legend. 


The earth provides the ore and wood. Air nourishes the fire. Water powers the machines, transforming iron into steel. For over three centuries this molten metal has been flowing through the company's veins.


In 1684, Johann de Dietrich purchases a rundown forge and starts transforming it into a prosperous business, manufacturing tools, iron bars, and cannonballs. From those humble beginnings, the de Dietrich family led its business to become synonymous with an avante-garde vision, invention, innovation and quality craftsmanship.


Always at the forefront of industrial development, the De Dietrich company has pioneered a number of industries; railways and the manufacturing of the iconic TGV, automobile: offering Bugatti his first job and building the legendary Lorraine-Dietrich, and spearheading the European household appliance industry.


Ravaged by the French Revolution, the Franco-German and World Wars, the resilience of the De Dietrich company was tested along the course of history. Continually rebuilding and expanded into new, unchartered territory, the de Dietrich family led the business that built many of the ground-breaking products we take for granted today, such as household cookers, high speed trains or the induction appliances while providing for the livelihoods of generations of workers and their families.


Today De Dietrich Process Systems is an emanation of the business's natural progression from steel and has become the leading global provider of process equipment, engineered systems and process solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. With offices in fifteen countries, DDPS serves its diverse and demanding customer base with products capable of high performance, reliability and safety. A commitment to quality that has lasted more than 300 years.


Join 12th generation family member, Gaetan de Dietrich and his mother, Catherine in conversation with Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld as we travel back in time and experience the adventure of entrepreneurship, innovation and growth that is De Dietrich.

How Prepared are you for the Challenges the Future Will Bring?


Mark Bouris, Yellow Brick Road


Mark Bouris has established a successful career from building disruptive businesses to challenge the market and provide smarter solutions for consumers. Closing out conference, Mark will challenge you to consider how well prepared you are for the challenges the future will bring.

Is your business ready to deal with the challenges facing the global economy? How do you create greater momentum within your business to thrive in tough, competitive markets?


Do you have the right people and the right culture to give your business the energy it needs to succeed? How do you choose, employ and incentivise the right new people? How do you build a relationship with them to ensure you can trust them to help build your brand? Take a fresh look at the things that really drive people to get what they want: things like purpose, commitment and relentless hard work.


But in the end, it all comes back to you as a business leader. What are your ultimate business goals? What do you want out of life?  How do you garner your strengths in order to be successful on your own terms in both life and work? 


Whatever path you travel in your personal and professional life, a sense of purpose is a strength that triumphs over all others.

Mark Bouris provides no-nonsense, no-holds-barred advice on everything from having the right attitude to facing the tough questions and finding the right answers.