Founder and Managing Director of Composure

Jeremy has combined his deep experience in understanding how to shape, shift and strengthen cultures in organisations with leading and managing consulting businesses.


He has consulted to many business leaders in a variety of industries and is a key advisor to many Boards, CEO’s and Leadership Teams on:

  • Creating clear and compelling strategic stories

  • Building sustainable and pragmatic culture transformations

  • Developing leadership capabilities necessary for a successful future

  • Challenging and aligning groups to becoming high performing teams

  • Helping organisations, teams and individuals navigate the challenges of transformational change at both the operational and emotional levels of change.


As a leader, Jeremy has paralleled a number of roles over his 25 years in the Management Consultant industry. Firstly, as a key advisor to many CEO’s, Boards, Executive Teams, Business Unit Leaders, and HR professionals, and secondly through successfully leading and managing 4 consultancies, all at different stages of development and size, including: growing boutique firms, as a country manager for an international consultancy and as an executive on an ASX listed business.


Jeremy is the author of the acclaimed book ‘The Power of Culture’ which provides readers with a navigator’s guide to the complexity of culture in the workplace. As outlined in the book, each journey is unique, however, there are common pitfalls to avoid and pathways that will help you get to where you need to be. His book enables anyone who is part of a culture transformation to anticipate the risks and maximise the opportunities for change.


He has also been a Board member of Melbourne Football Club during its reformation years from 2013-2018, and was a player for the Club from 1983-86. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for I-LEAP [Melbourne University sponsored initiative for Indigenous Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program] and President of Marngrook, Melbourne Grammar’s football program.


Jeremy has an MBA and a Bachelor of Applied Science to complement his real-life experiences. He has 4 active teenage children and continues to take a keen interest in many sports, indigenous and community affairs and art investments.