Boyce Family Office

With over 25 years’ experience working with start-ups through to large global family businesses in the areas of sales, marketing, financial administration and consulting, Lea understands the challenges facing today’s families in business.

She believes in the importance of every family member’s role and is particularly committed to mentoring and working with the next generation and women in family businesses. This has provided a strong understanding of the importance of inter-generational exchanges, diversity and inclusion, especially within private shareholder groups due to their unique dynamic.


Lea is a Director within her own family business, BOYCE Family Office, which is a multifamily office for a small group of HNW families. Lea’s role enables her to understand family business from an ownership capacity but also as an immigrant into another professional family group. The Boyce Family is a 5th generation Australian family in business from both the patriarchal and matriarchal lines starting their first businesses in the mid 1800’s.