Parallel Sessions: One, Two, Three and Four

Conference Day Two - 4th September

Choose ONE Parallel Session during the 11.30am - 12.15pm time slot

B Corps: The Rockstars of the New Economy

Panelists: James Meldrum, Director, Whole Kids; Mark Paterson, Principal, Currie Communications, Abigail Forsyth, Cofounder and Managing Director, Keep Cup

B Corps are paving the way to the new, high-growth and high-impact economy. Learn about how this global movement is changing the very fabric of our society, helping create a world that can deliver a shared and durable prosperity for all of us.


B Corp Certification is the most powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value for your business. People want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.


Key takeaways:

  • With consumers becoming increasingly socially and environmentally conscious, what can your business do to stand out from your competition?

  • What does it take to become B Corp certified?

  • How are family businesses using their B Corp Certification to build their brands?

  • Why measuring and managing your impact is crucial to the success of your family business.


Life’s a pitch - How to pitch yourself, your services, a new initiative or your business to stand out from the pack

Andrew Klein, Spike Presentations

Whether introducing yourself at a networking function, presenting to clients or prospective clients, competing for a contract or trying to convince colleagues or stake-holders of the merits of a new initiative, your success depends on catching your audience’s interest.


Truth is, getting attention or "buy-in" for any new initiative or project is always tricky.


So what can you do to ensure your pitches and presentations are dynamic, different, effective and stand out from the pack?  How can you cut through to the designated person or audience?


In this session we’ll pinpoint some of the key areas where you can improve the design, structure and delivery of your pitches, ensuring that your key messages are articulated and delivered effectively.


Whether you pitch or present to one person, a small group or a large audience, this interactive session aims to invigorate, provoke, educate and entertain.

Key takeaways:

  •  What are the elements of a good pitch?

  •  How to articulate your point of difference?

  •  How to get your target audience’s attention in an age where no one pays attention anymore?


James Meldrum

Mark Paterson

Abigail Forsyth

Economic Update 

Bob Cuneen, NAB Asset Management

The Global economy has made slow progress since the dramatic financial crisis of 2008. While there has been a global economic recovery with unemployment rates gradually falling, there have been some notable recent events and risks that are casting shadows. President Trump’s trade war, Britain’s decision to exit the European Union and China’s economic slowdown and high debt levels are all significant risks to the global economy in the immediate future.


Australia also has significant challenges over the coming years. The surge in household debt and sharp house price gains in Sydney and Melbourne over recent years has seen the Australian economy become fragile. Now the tide appears to have turned for debt commitments and housing prices. So is Australia still the lucky country or have we managed to squander our potential?       


Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist, NAB Asset Management, will briefly discuss some of the key economic and political issues that currently confront us as business owners and investors.  


Key takeaways:

•  What are the key challenges in the global economic and political landscape?

•  How is Australia currently performing and what are the significant risks?

•  What do these challenges potentially mean for your family business?

The Mystery of Technology is Possible to Solve

Linda Chai, Partner, Management Consulting, KPMG Enterprise


To ensure that your family business is well placed to remain competitive, you need the right technology mindset to prosper in today’s age of technological disruption.


For family businesses, engaging with current and future technologies is a minimum expectation of their customers and suppliers. However, the adoption of new technologies and systems

is often a source of diverging views and tensions, and can appear more complex than it needs to be. In this session, KPMG Enterprise Partner, Linda Chai will address some common misconceptions around technology, share insights on how you can maximise the benefits and take the appropriate steps for successful adoption.

Key takeaways:

- We will debunk some common misconceptions and myths around technology.

- How can you position your family business to maximise the benefits of technology?

- What are the top tips for technology adoption.