Grand Hyatt Melbourne

DATE: Wednesday, 4th September
TIME: 7.00am - 8.30am


This event was included in the conference program for the first time last year and following its success, it is back for 2019. Join us for a hot breakfast and panel session in the Mayfair Room of the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

The roles of women in family business are as diverse as the women themselves. Women are taking on more visible roles and key leadership positions within the family business. With 50% of next generation Family Business leaders being women*, what opportunities does this offer these businesses?

Facilitated by: 
Lea Boyce, Boyce Family Office

Research suggests that some of the advantages of having women in senior roles in family business include that they:

  • Have a better understanding of stakeholders’ needs, which allows businesses to enter new markets and to increase job satisfaction

  • Catalyse innovation

  • Diffuse formal strategic planning and managerial control systems

  • Allay tension between socio-economic and economic goals

  • Catlyse stewardship attitudes among family employees

  • Generate favourable customer attitudes toward the business**


Lea Boyce, Director of Boyce Family Office, part of the 5th generation of the Boyce family businesses joins a panel of successful women as they share their views and experiences, and their plans for the future of their family business.

Please note: This runs concurrently with the B2B Speed Networking Session.

* FBA, KPMG, University of Adelaide Family Business Survey 2018, p4


** Samara, Georges & Jamali, Dima & Lapeira, Maria, 2019. "Why and how should SHE make her way into the family business boardroom?," Business Horizons, Elsevier, vol. 62(1), pages 105-115.